Saturday, September 8, 2007

Movies (fimls) making production

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I wanna know about that thing!!
wat is that called wat he got on his face like vertecies or a Vertex sorta thing??

is there a full version on the internet somewhere, that has seens like the one with the girl he was talking about?

Hey man... this film was very.... Beautiful, well... to me. it has an incredible essence to it. I myself am a music artist and i to work with CG and etc... i was in sort of a writers block for a few months but this film inspires me everytime i see it. Great film keep up the good work...

I in my fourth year of vfx & motion graphics at the art institute of fort lauderdale and the more i get into it and the more demo reels i see from VFS the more i realize there are definetly things we are not learning here. They only show us 3DSmax and they have game art teachers teaching visual effects for it who barely know anything about compositing, we learn aftereffects and briefly touch on combustion and thats about it...very frustrating for a 100,000 dollar program.

For ANYONE thinking of getting into film, I suggest VFS most out of any place you'll ever go to. Anyone looking to get into film, animation go to VFS.

You will learn everything you need to create this type of work at VFS

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